What is Circumcision?

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What is Circumcision?

Circumcision tradition is the most common and decisively applied ceremony about chilren in Turkish culture.

Although sometimes called as “cutting“, the general explanation is genitalia’s all-round skin cut. Except Judaism and Islam circumcision is very common in many other societies and cultures. We know that North Africans and Saudi Arabians practice also on girls.

Some beliefs and aspects are decisive in Turkey in how to practice it.
First of all, circumcision is a sign of religion (Mohammedanism). Additionally circumcised is considered cleaner than uncircumcised. People in older ages without circumcision are exposed to lots of condemnations.

Kids at the age of 4-5 to 10-15(even 15 may be late) can be circumcised. Nowadays doctor deal with it right after birth at hospitals to eliminate kid’s fears and pain later on. Traditional parent won’t accept it despite the fact that ceremony refreshes and multiplies family’s prestige in their society.

Ceremony period is generally spring, summer or autumn before it gets too cold. They arrange it in a suitable time considering kid’s recovery, school and farmers’ working period. In metropolitan cities, Sundays or Saturdays are more preferable.

They’ve decided to cut…

Right after it’s scheduled, family has to send either messengers or invitation cards to spread the news. It’s important to call as many people as possible cos these ceremonies reunite offended people to make peace furthermore fix social, economic, even political relations.

Ceremony hall can be kiddo’s home, garden, summer house, military hall, wedding hall or a luxury lounge according to family’s financial power. If it will take place at home kid’s circumcision room, a room to rest for him and his bed must be ready. They need guest welcoming area, dining room, place for orchestra and a spare spot for people to dance in addition.

Turkey Travel Rosetheguide Circumcision Costume

Traditionally household sew up circumcision costume sew up. It’s usually three pieces: 1. a cap “maşallah (God willed it)” written on it, 2. white trousers, 3. white jacket, 4.red or blue cloak on his shoulders, 5. a fancy stick as an accessory, 6. a gown for the child after ceremony. This gown lets child spread his legs so his wound will not bleed.

Child wanders around on a horse or in a car few days before the ceremony. Other kids in neighborhood join the parade, too. Musicians play drums and clarion loudly in front of the parade to announce they’ll cut cut cut… haha !

Where’s the Godfather?

Child sits on lap of his “kirve” during circumcision (Kirve is a person financing ceremony, holding child’s hand, trying to relax him. We can call him godfather). Some religious phrases in Arabic that no one but preacher understands follow during cutting and finally genitalia’s all-round skin removal ceremony is over.

Oh, yes! All this effort is for only a piece of skin.

Music plays, people dance, guests give their gifts, close relatives are expected to give specific amounts of gold or money. Mostly kirve fills the ceremony hall with gifts to the child and his family. Child’s father also gives some gifts to kirve as a tradition.

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