What is Haj?

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What is Haj?

Haj(pilgrimage in Arabic) or Pilgrimage is one the 5 conditions/terms of Islam which means believer (if they are economically suitable) must go to Kaba and prayer areas around and satify last and ultimate condition of Islam in stated periods and ways.

When is Haj ?

During Dhu al-Hijja on August 9 and 14.

Every year 1.2M to 2M muslims do haj

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What is that big black box they turn around?

Muslims believe that Kaaba(granite, 13 metres building), holiest place on Earth,  was built by Abraham and Ishmael along with the god’s commands. Haj mission brings Muslims all together regardless of their nationalities, genders, financial situations, political power, etc. under the command of god.
Men wear two pieces of white fabric and women wear one piece, only face and hands free. Anything fancy is forbidden and of course no make-up. They kinda pre-perform the Judgement Day. No one differs from the other at all.

They are all willing to receive the god’s contentment. One way to do that is to obey the rules delivered by his prophet and avoid his prohibitions. His rules are for leading us to goodness and prohibitions are for keeping us away from evil. So he keeps us clean and well-moral.

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Who has to do it ?

Any person with good mental health and independence
Muslims with enough time to complete the mission
Whoever has enough money for their family during absence for mission
Whoever has enough money to pay their mission
Every able-bodied person
Having travel safety

On their return, we refer the pilgrims haji or hajji.

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