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It may sound ridiculous but who are we to judge eventually? It's a tradition.

Tooth ritual takes place when the baby has the first tooth poping up. All around Anatolia tooth is related to boiled wheat.

Teeth have a mojor role in smahing, tearing to pieces. When first tooth squeezes out of babies jaws it’s time for mothers to celebrate due to the end of boling wheat period is almost over. This ritual is also about blessing food,
increasing child’s sustenance, multiplying fertility and wishing strong teeth for baby.

1. Kiddo lays down on a white sheet on the floor. Mother and other elders pour down cooked wheat or barley sometimes little bit of sugar or dry grapes included on baby. They can also place few of the grains in baby’s mouth to ensure teeth will line up smooth. Rarely they use a string that 7 grains on it hang on baby’s neck as an amulet.

2. Needle and thread, mirror, scissors, knife, pencil, gold and holy book Qoran placed before baby and he/she is expected to point one with her tiny mini hands so that baby chooses her/his future profession.

“Pen and Qoran means science and good education, mirror is for hair dresser or barber, needle and thread is for tailor, fashion,etc., scissor is for talent required professions, gold is for wealth or wealthy partner.”

3. Later on theey again cook wheat and mix with some fruits and nuts to serve for guests. Before they leave the guests shall give some gifts up to their financial situations.

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