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How can i describe it, how to start?

Bodrum, one of the most touristy places of Turkey, appeals to those who want to have a social, energetic and fun holiday with its concept hotel options, boat tours, beautiful views, sunsets and night life.

The famous bay of the Aegean, flourishing the holidays in Bodrum peninsula, the longer summer season gets, the longer night life is.

When the sun disappears, the night life of Bodrum calls us. Each town has its own unique vibe, a special guest audience. Various places to explore in Bodrum make room for unforgettable memories.

Thousands of travellers flocking to all-inclusive hotels enjoy this charmed tourist spot over the summer. If you want to be one of them, always be on the lookout for early booking opportunities.

how to go to bodrum

Where's Bodrum?

Bodrum is located in the heart of the Aegean. It is a district of Mugla. Bodrum has its shores to the Aegean Sea on eastern, southern and northern sides.

How to get to Bodrum?

The most practical option to get to Bodrum is to use the airway. 

Once you have reached the airport, you can use taxis or shuttle services for your destination.

Ancient Halicarnassus

Famous Turkish author Cevat Sakir, known as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, said in one of his poems that “ whoever comes to bodrum, departed from Bodrum leaving his mind and heart there.” which summarizes the love of Bodrum. Identified with his white washed houses, brightened up colorful bougainvilles Bodrum is one of the world’s best known holiday destinations boasting sandy beaches, crystal clear water and water sports of all kinds as well as venues for art activities and a bustling nightlife.

Bodrum Castle: Castle of St. Peter


The castle of St. Peter built by the Knights of St. John, is one of the important places to visit in Bodrum. Built over a Seljuk fortress it also houses the museum of underwater archaeology, the first and only in Turkey. The museum featuring sunken material of thousands of years is simply fascinating.
One of the most impressive things to see in Bodrum is the mausoleum the burial place of King Mausolus who ruled bodrum known as Halicarnassus in ancient times. Only the remnants of this 2,500 years old edifice can be seen in Bodrum today.

Bodrum's windmills

The windmills, served as the symbol of Bodrum and used from the 18th century to the 1970s, overlook the Peninsula. And they are among the interesting sites. Bardakçı, Gümbet, Torba, Bitez, Karaincir are many of the places where you can take your dip and sunbathe.

Bitez is the ideal place for surfing buffs. It’s the biggest settlement of Bodrum. Turgutreis, Kücükcatal Island is also a hot spot for windsurfers and the favorite shopping area with attractive sale items. If you go to Gümüşlük which stands on the side of the ancient Carian city of Myndos, you can see the half-submerged remains of the ancient city in literally walk through the shallow waters of the sea to Tavşan Island and come back to gumüşlük to treat yourself to a delicious dinner.

The Blue Voyage is one of the indispensable elements associated with Bodrum. It is a kind of voyage which plunges you into the matchless beauty of Bodrum coves, in readily proves to you how generous nature has been with his particular region. This voyage as of desire to turn your dreams into passion is a superb experience aboard.

The Voyage, varying between three days to one week, offer you a rich variety of choices in terms of routes, depending on what you want to see. So that you may delight in the pristine coasts of this magnificent region. The stopovers in small islands for lunch and dinner enable you to savor the regional dishes of Turkish cuisine. Its historical texture carry you to the civilizations of thousands of years ago. It’s natural assets, culture and hospitable locals more the ranks among the world’s leading holiday destinations. Muğla offers a multitude of riches and that is why there exists a different model for everyone to explore. I am inviting you to find out and savor the experience of a variety of beauties this unique part of Anatolia, a paradise on Earth, offers.

Places To Visit In Bodrum

If you’re wondering “What to do in Bodrum except hanging out in the center, visiting the gorgeous castle and underwater museum?” check out the following suggestions.

Gümüşlük: A Bohemian journey In Bodrum

gümüşlük bodrum rose the guide

Gümüşlük, around the ruins of the ancient city of Myndos, not only has a beautiful sea, but also offers the most impressive views of the sunset. The island of Hare feels like walking on the sea. It is a unique gift that Gümüşlük offers.

Torba: A Hidden Gem In Bodrum


It’s a point that most people who have been to Bodrum before have already missed. Although its name is not mentioned much among the must-see places in Bodrum, it is ideal for those who want to get away from the crowd and relax a bit with its close proximity to the centre and its quiet posture.

Torba, which is a charming town with its light windy and choppy sea, also promises a pleasant day with its places lined by the sea. Beachside cafes do not charge sunbeds. 

Who says there can’t be a quiet holiday in Bodrum?

 Torba, this is exactly the address of the dream.

Yalıkavak: Bodrum and its magnificent nature

The vibrancy on the coast of Yalıkawak is hard to find elsewhere.
Moreover, to plan a crowded holiday with your friends there are many sea-view houses and villas to rent here.

Turgutreis: An Azure Bodrum Dream


The town, named after Admiral Turgut Reis, is one of the most populated places in Bodrum. Turgut Reis, whose charm increases every day, has added another reason to his popularity in recent years thanks to D-Marin. You should not leave Bodrum before you discover TurgutReis from top to bottom.

Turgutreis, located 20 kilometres from the center, offers a peaceful and fun holiday with its spectacular sunset views and a very calm and crowded environment same time. If you want to stay in the center, you can choose from boutique hotels or hostels. If you’re looking for a slightly more privileged holiday, you check my best hotels of bodrum article to decide.

There are restaurants for any budget in the center. From global fast food chains to concept restaurants, plenty of options.
Read more about Top 10 restaurants with best view and food in Bodrum .

One of the great things about Turgutreis is that there are places where you can rent a bike.

Isn’t it best to take a bike ride along the beautiul coasts sometimes?

Placing something to eat in your bag, you can even picnic or camp in new spots you discover, let the nature embrace you.

Karaada: For Scuba Diving in Bodrum


Her name is black, she’s green. When the your holiday begins, immediately book your place on one of the boats to Karaada. After inhaling the sweet smell of the pine trees all over the place, go to the famous cave and enjoy a healing mud bath. And don’t forget to capture some smiling shots with a few photos!

Gumbet: Night Life of Bodrum

When the sun goes down, Gumbet becomes the center of entertainment in Bodrum. Whether you go in the spring or in the middle of summer, Gumbet’s nightlife embraces you with all its vitality. Insider tip! It is not a spot for those seeking peace. This is the ones who want to fill the dance floor and feel the night to the morning with their energy in nightclubs.

Karaincir: A Peased Day At The Beach


You can even go to karaincir just to lie down on its soft sandy beach, which stretches for 500 metres. Although its name comes from the fig trees that once covered the whole side, it now fills the eye with resort facilities and restaurants lined up along the beach.

Karaincir, which is 30 minutes from the centre, is a great solution for the sweltering heat of the summer months with its cold sea. You can even have free sunbeds by buying food and drinks from the beachside cafes.

There is also a free public beach here. The sea is shallow and undulating. So if you’re not good at swimming, it’s the perfect place to improve your ability. If you want to come here with your family, you can be sure the kids will have a lot of fun out here at sea.

Akyarlar: A Memorable Story In Bodrum Trip

One of the best beaches in Turkey, good for windsurf, but that is no limit of what Akyarlar will offer you.


Akyarlar, makes a peaceful holiday real as a small and charming town that appeals mostly to middle age. The concept that made Akyarlar famous is the incredible bay views here. If you like taking pictures of nature, there are great sunrise and sunset views waiting for you. Setting over the Sea, The Sun colours the sky with shades of scarlet, such flawless moments for hundreds of emojis guaranteed photos for your Instagram.

Bitez: Windsurfing In Bodrum

If you’re a windsurfer, who live extreme life in summer months, Bitez is your spot. You can rent the necessary equipment from the windsurfing activity centers here to satisfy the need for adrenaline. It’s also possible to get basic training here.


Have a great vacation!

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