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Turkish Literature

As in every world, literatures sagas are early examples of Turkish literature. Before everything else, sagas are creation myths in numerous courses. Likewise sagas are long versed in stories enriched with symbols and expressions about nations, epic heros, extraordinary experiences and circumstances. They don’t reflect 100% historical factors.

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Epic of creation carry evidences of primitive and later belief systems, shamanism, creation, origin of good and evil, order of the universe. Prof. W. Radloff compiled it in 19th century among Altaic Turks. Shamanism used to be the typical belief of Turks, Mongols, Siberians. After totemism, shamanism happened the most powerful belief for Turks. They believed that spirits leaving the land of livings would convert into a bird and flee to lighted sky levels corresponding to their generosity and evil spirits to underground darkness corresponding to the level of their sin.

First Saga, Epic of Beginning

There is nothing but God, Black Khan and water. Nothing but God to observe and water to be seen entirely. When God gets bored water fluctuates. There appears the Goddess White Mother. God commands creation and dips into water. There becomes a man. He flies on water with god, but man requires reaching higher. God senses his secret will and gets back  his right of flying. Man sinks to water and regrets so god raises him when was is about to suffocate.

God And Satan

A star rises from the water to free the man from going down. God demands to build world, because one can’t fly anymore. He orders him to dive in deep water to bring some soil. Along his errand evil man hides some clay in his mouth to form his own world without creator but god orders the clay to extend thus his sin in his mouth brings death to him.

Tree Of Life

God asks him to spill on empty land created and his spill turns out to be a swamp on top of god’s land. Frustrated god calls him “Erlig(Satan )” and expel him from his land of light. Henceforth god creates a massive tree with 9 branches and shapes a man for per branch to be ancestors of each society.


Seeing these splendid people Erlig asks the god to return them to him but god refuses however Erlig is ready to draw their attention and mislead them. Foolishness of men gets god frustrated, and he leaves them on their own. He places Erlig to the third stage of the underground world and generates a 17th degree of paradise for himself and establishes there but drops one of his angels to monitor them.


Erlig gets god’s word to produce his own world in paradise and brings evil spirits he’s tricked before but Erlig’s spirits live an easier eternity than god’s so he curses him and addresses him to the darkest stage of underworld lack of sunlight, moon or any light by smashing his paradise. Erlig’s paradise collapses on Earth and creates mountains, sea straits and forests.

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