Do i need a guide?

Do I Need A Guide?




This is, no matter what, the most important reason for all the countries. There are some streets you should never step in or some borders you must NOT cross. Local guides know best of all.

You don’t want to worry about best restaurant, hidden gems, waste time at hotel by searching what to do..

Tour guide will provide you necessary information along your interests about your next destinations.

You don’t like live storytelling. You want to end up looking at your phone screen whole time? Go ahead. Not even mentioning how boring their record is.

Searching webpages and Instagram won’t open pandora’s box in a country and the box is full of facts like cheapest deal, bargaining, shortcuts, avoiding traffic or rush hours, etc.

Local friends are the best for obtaining a better sense of empathy for other cultures.

You may think you can handle it. Istanbul is a gigantic city, lots of people speaking in English probably, right? Well, no. Turkey has no second language. Principal language is Turkish and very few people will help you communicate when it’s time to figure how metro system works or how to buy a painkiller from a pharmacy or does and don’ts of country.

Let me tell you something about Turkey and GPS. Even locals get lost with gps here. Unfortunately, gps isn’t 100% trustworthy here. You may end up in the middle of nowhere, it’s no way to go and your gps will still tell you to take the next right or left.

To maximize your experience in a limited time, you need guides to organize everything very well to get rid of any issues by takin every possible delay into consideration.

Port is extremely crowded, your time is limited, the ship will not wait for you but you want to go out and be a tourist for a while. Yes, best way is hiring a guide to save your day.

Talking about hectic Istanbul is the best example. 9th most visited country in the world, 6 million people in 6 months. Its crazy.
In cities like Istanbul, things can change quick and you don’t get to catch up easily. Plus, its full of difficulties, fully packed by people, thousands of streets with dead ends.. Oh Boí! Long queues in front of museums, sweltering summer sun burning your head or it’s raining on you while standing there.. Not fun! Guides won’t let this happen.

Local guides know the best timing of entrance, deals with reservations and tickets, show the best spots for cool photos without 54554564 people background (especially in Cappadocia).

You stay too long and consume all the suggestions online, but still want to dig more? There’s more to do for sure. Who knows better than a local guide?

Here we go, my favorite! Feeling like taking a hike around fairy chimneys or climbing some mountains, walking ancient tracks? You’ll never get lost with a local guide, they also know about the flora and fauna for sure so will help you for up coming surprises.

So far, so good. There’s nothing wrong with supporting locals and tourism. Be a tourist, hire your guide and enjoy your trip without headaches.