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These are the most common questions I get every day.  Don’t ask me later, please!

Turkish Lira is the local currency of the Republic of Turkey. Exchange offices are available in the most visited areas and airports, but it is better to check the rates before converting your money. If you are planning a lengthy trip to Turkey, doing this in enormous cities is recommended.

UTC+3 TRT Turkey Time – All areas in Turkey observe the same time zone. It is 3 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Turkey observes Turkey Time all year. There are no Daylight Saving Time clock changes.

Although Turkish mobile services work with foreign lines, I advise you to buy a SIM card from the airport. You may choose one of the three biggest GSM operators, Turkcell-Vodafone-Turk Telekom. Also, you may use your phone but if you are planning to stay over 2 weeks, register your phone with your passport from your GSM operator’s shop.

Round, two-pin plugs are used in Turkey, the same as those used on the European continent. If you do not have these adaptors, buying one before arrival might help yet. Most hotels do not have enough for the guests.

NO! There is no official requirement for vaccination to visit Turkey. However, if you have any health issue or need for medicine, please ask your doctor before your trip.

YES! Most of the places accept credit cards, but as a security measure, some banks may block transactions made in Turkey, so please inform your credit card provider about your travel. Also, note that Diners and American Express cards are accepted in fewer places than Visa or Mastercard.

Although tipping is the best way of appreciation after an excellent service it’s hardly included in bills in Turkey. Thus common sense is same as in many other countries on Earth, it’s 10% of any bill and 20% of services without bill.

No. No and no again. This is the question I hate most. Turkish Republic outlawed polygamy in 1926 and it carries a strict imprisonment sentence. You can read more about Turkish marriage tradition here..