Güvercinlik / Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia

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Güvercinlik / Pigeon Valley, Cappadocia

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Güvercinlik or Pigeon Valley is set in a wide area from Castle Uchisar to Göreme. 

Located to the east of Uchisar, Pigeon Valley is one of the greatest and tallest valleys of Cappadocia. Because of its location, it draws great interest from travelers. While one end of the valley approaches Nevşehir – Ürgüp asphalt, the other end extends to Göreme. The tiny river bed from the end of the valley continues to Avanos and Kızılırmak.

The valley is also an excellent trekking route. It is possible to see splendid natural formations very closely on this 4000 meter long track.

Taking photos and making a wish with Evil Eye Tree in the very beginning of valley is almost a tradition for local and foreign tourists.

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While watching the unique view of Pigeon Valley, man-made holes on the rocks will definitely draw your attention. These holes are nests that are carved by people for pigeons.

In the times when pigeon breeding was in the foreground, people would benefit from the fertilizers of pigeons living and mating here. Besides pigeon eggs, fertilizers are good for the vineyards and gardens. The wine quality of this region comes from pigeons. Additionally, they used pigeon eggs in important places of worship such as the churches. Thanks to the pigeon eggs, the murals, named as frescoes on the walls, have survived to the present day

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photo: motosikletclub.net

The peak point to watch Guvercinlik Valley is Uchisar Castle, the highest structure of the region. Uchisar Castle displays the magnificent view of the Pigeon Valley.

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