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Hagia Sophia Museum(Mosque now)

Istanbul, Hagia Sophia Corona Covid19
Hagia Sophia Museum is getting disinfected for corona virus.  Photo: arkeofili.com

Hagia Sophia is one of the world’s leading monuments in a term of art and architectural history. Roman citizen Philon had characterized it as the 8th Wonder of the World in the 6th century. Today’s Hagia Sophia, built in a different architectural comprehension, still stands in the same spot where the 2 earlier churches used to. Roman Emperor Justiniano (527-565) gave the order of construction to two important architects of time under his command. Anthemius from Tralles and Isidoros from Miletus.

Myra Ancient City

tourism with Virus Covid-19 (corona)
Photo: arkeofili.com

Myra Ancient City is getting disinfected for corona virus. 

Myra is well known for its Lycian type rock-carved tombs, Roman theatre and Roman design St. Nikolaos Church. Rock tombs, Lycian inscriptions and coins proove that Myra came to being at least around 5th century BC. According to information Strabonprovided, first geographer, Myra, one of the 6 leading cities of Lykia Confederation, appears as Myrrh in Lycian scripts.

Selimiye Mosque

Selimiye Mosque, Corona Disinfection
Photo: arkeofili.com

Selimiye Mosque is getting disinfected fro corona virus. 

Selimiye Mosque, unique work of Sinan The Architect with its minarets and dome, was disinfected. Selimiye Mosque Complex in Edirne, first capital of Ottoman Empire before Istanbul, is in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List since 2011. By the command of Sultan Selim II, construction began in 1568. And completed in 7 years, 1575. Accepted as the most important work of Ottoman architecture, Selimiye Mosque is described as “My masterpiece.” by Sinan The Architect himself.

St. Nikolaos Church

St. Nikolaos Church, Demre Corona Disinfection
Photo: arkeofili.com

St. Nikolaos Church is getting disinfected fro corona virus. 

Ancient city of Myra may be a burial place of Greek Christian bishop St. Nikolaos. He was an important religious figure for eastern ortodox, Christians and catholics of Rome. He is the inspiration of Santa Claus. This church is in UNESCO’s Tentative List.

Beylerbeyi Palace

Beylerbeyi Palace Corona Disinfection
Photo: arkeofili.com

Beylerbeyi Palace is getting disinfected fro corona virus. 

With its western exterior and classical Ottoman architectural interior design Beylerbeyi Palace was mostly functioning as a summer palace and governmental guesthouse, preserved only for chief officials thus it welcomed major diplomatic actors of time such as French Emperor Napoleon’s wife Empress Eugenie, German Kaiser Wilhelm.

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