Is Turkey Safe?

Is Turkey Safe?

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Is Turkey Safe?

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If you promise not causing any trouble around, following your guide’s leadings its totally safe.

Every country has its own laws and some invisible cultural rules. If you care for their customs so do they for yours.

Thinking about terror or war ? Oh boi! News are awful sometimes. Terror is everywhere. Easy logic! Yes, we had some issues as other countries had, too. If you’re too conserned then don’t travel

About the war in Syria.. First of all that war is out of our borders, not in the country. Second, even locals aren’t allowed to travel too close to that border and you think you are ?

No! You are not.

However, here are some tips to know before your trip to Turkey; you may happen to see some beggars on the streets, especially in the touristic areas, they do not harm but disturb by insistently asking for money. They are generally small children that you may feel sad for rejection.

Well, be ready to say NO!

Besides, you may come across to some people who invites you to drink a cup of tea together for a small, lovely, harmless, welcoming talk.

Guess what?

They generally try to sell something after.

Even so it’s still not so bad if you’re interested in buying.

However the most dangerous incident you miaght find yourself in get to happen by following the ones who invite you to bars, clubs or any other entertainment place around heavily crowded and popular streets. This is the biggest scam of Istanbul, tourists generally end up with an empty bank account at the en of night.

You can’t find any information about these plubs’ or bars’ names online. Locals WON’T go there to get scammed but tourist consider this call hospitable (i don’t know why). Okay, you refuse to pay, right? Of course. You never know what might happen there and police won’t speak your language or English.

This is why having a local guide to recommend you super good, trustable or luxury or any other type of place is very important if you really wanna enjoy a city and the country.

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