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Fantastic Sunset of Red Valley / Rose Valley , Cappadocia


How to go to Red Valley?

In 500 meters from the south of the village called Cavusin, there are two fantastic valleys: Rose Valley/Red Valley and Gulludere. They are between Cavusin and Ortahisar, in 4 km from the west of the town called Ortahisar. The valley takes its name from the red soil of the valley. Thanks to the sunset view, it presents fascinating beauty for tourists. Sunlight keeps painting the valley in different color all along the day. 

Red Valley is 2 km ahead of Ortahisar crossroads for the sunset and 15 minutes drive from Göreme. Especially in the summer, hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists come to the valley and enjoy watching the sunset. The ones who wish to see Red Valley and Gulludere may reach the valleys through Cavusin Village.

As a matter of fact Cappadocia is not very satisfying by public transportation. There are few minibuses to some basic locations. But they are not passing very often. Actually they are not passing by nice spots of Cappadocia. 

Easiest way here joining the most common trips, Blue and Red tours, in Cappadocia to visit the valleys and make unforgettable memories. Or your hotel may arrange you a cab  early in the morning if you like to watch hot air balloons during sunrise. Note that you may not find cabs around by yourself in every spot of Cappadocia. Especially around sunrise when everything is still too quite and sleepy no one will pick up the phone. In addition to that cab drivers probably can’t speak English. So letting your hotel staff inform them about the location you want to reach is the best. 

Last option is hiring your own car, bike or motorbike. Roads to valley are generally very okey for driving. However road signs may be confusing or too small to realize time to time and mostly not in English. 


Hiking in Red Valley

Red Valley and Gulludere are ideal places for trekking in Cappadocia. There are five Cilehane (Holy Caves) carved to rocks and churches inside the valleys. Some of these churches are the church of Saint Nicetas, Saint Yoakim, Ayvalı Church and Uzumlu Church. They are the best places for priests, for seclusion. Hacli Church takes its name from the embossed cross on its ceiling.

Best start point for hiking in the valley is Uzumlu Church. It’s easier to follow the valley from this point. 

Uzumlu Church is also famous as the church of Saint Nicetas. Its name is Uzumlu Church as the ceiling of the church is with grape decoration frescoes. In Christianity, grape symbolizes human blood and Jesus Christ. Churches of Kizilcukur are the oldest churches in Göreme. The valleys are spectacular for their history and the view.

Places to see around Red Valley

Valley is very near to Pasabaglari and Cavusin village. If you pass Cavusin village the road is going to take you to Avanos, the town of pottery. Don’t leave the town without visiting a traditional pottery workshop and taking a walk by Kizilirmak.

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