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My city is my passion! My Istanbul tours are not even 10% of what city may offer. Istanbul is an enormous city and the best way to discover best of it is wandering with a professional guide for sure(not because I’m a guide, it really is). No language barrier, no navigation problems and no more local scams. Every corner of my planned tours has something different to see, hear and enjoy! We are strolling through the streets of Constantinople in a time machine! We hop on and fly 1800 years back! Mysterious stories, delicious food, fascinating underground cisterns, art galleries, mosques, churches, palaces, unbreakable city walls, breathtaking views, the only city divided by sea, two continents in one city; Istanbul where the mystical ambiance of the east merge to west. Are you ready to join me to witness miracles? 

Maps & Location

All tours are walking tours so we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes. 

Try some street food along the walking route.

Do not cancel without informing your guide. Canceling 24 hours earlier in any situation is fair enough.


Professional guide is a well educated, licenced, and experienced person who works full time in tourism sector. Licenced guides fee is decided by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture.

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.