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Tour Type: Prıvate, Walking
Duration: 3 Hours

Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome,  German Fountain, Caferağa Medresesi,  Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi, Grand Bazaar.

Our tour will start with the most notable places of interest of the city, the Blue Mosque on one side and the Hagia Sophia Museum on the other. Our first stop will be the Hagia Sophia built by Emperor Justinian, a splendid structure older than 1,500 years today.

Exactly when the Ottomans conquered Istanbul, they converted it into a mosque. Today, it is a chronicled focus where you can see the two in its Christian and Islamic history together. Next, we will visit the Blue Mosque which gets its name from 20,000 blue, deliberately amassed handmade ceramic tiles that breath life into it. The mosque has six delicate minarets, which is incredibly astonishing.

After the mosque, we will see the Hippodrome. It was once the clamoring focal point of Constantinople encouraging chariot races, gladiator fights for the city’s occupants. Today, what remains from Hippodrome is the Obelisk of Theodosius, Column of Constantine and German Fountain of Kaiser Wilhelm. Your guide will uncover to you the interesting history of these relics and later next stop is the Caferağa Medresesi which a captivating Cultural Center that has a variety of showcases and workshops on Turkish craftsmanship, calligraphy, careful work, music, etc.
Later we’ll walk to Çorlulu Ali Paşa Medresesi, which is locals’ hidden gem for tea, sisha & chit chat. From here we’ll move to our last stop, Grand Bazaar.


Everyday, 365 day in a year.


During your walking tour professional guide will be leading you.


Tipping for the guide is minimum 15-20% of total fee.

No Hotel & Tansportation Services

Accomodation or transportation services aren't included.

no Tickets & Food & Beverages

Museums and transportation tickets, food service and personal expenses aren't included in the fee.

Meeting point

Your Hotel, port, oldtown - if your hotel is not in city center you should come to meeting point by yourself.

Ending point

Your Hotel, port, oldtown - if your hotel is not in city center you should return to your hotel by yourself.

We’ll be walking around historical peninsula without entering the museums. Please inform us earlier whether you’d like to extend duration and  visit the museums (tour fee increases)

Please Note:

1- During Religious Eids and National Holidays, All Bazaars are closed. 

2- Museums are closed on different days of the week.

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It’s a walking tour so we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes. 

Try some street food along the walking route.

Do not cancel without informing your guide. Canceling 24 hours earlier in any situation is fair enough.


Professional guide is a well educated, licenced, and experienced person who works full time in tourism sector. Licenced guides fee is decided by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture.

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