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Tour Type: Private, Walking
Duration: 3 Hours

Ancient Hippodrome, German Fountain, Serpentine Column, Egyptian Column (Obelisk of Thutmose III), Walled Column, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Gülhane Park, Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Serpents’ Column, from Delphi. Obelisk of Theodosius, the Porphyrius monuments, and the Obelisk of Constantine Porphyrogenitus. Today the central obelisks are reminders of the past. Hagia Sophia, whose name signifies “holy wisdom”, stadium so called Hippodrome, for 100.000 people capacity .

Splendid  Blue Mosque with its six minarets and 24.000 blue tiles inside. Topkapı Palace Museum, which served as a royal palace for Ottoman Sultans and their families for almost 400 years. Gulhane Park is a well-known park for both vacationers and local people. The Archaeology Museum, which was opened to guests in 1891, is one of the most wonderful and sublime instances of Neo-Classical engineering in Istanbul.

Upon your guide’s arrival to your hotel or port you can confirm the itinerary. You will then head to the old town, where all attractions are, by public transportation. Moving from one attraction to another thereafter is via walking as they are near one another. In the end of your tour, you are free to visit any sites of interests, or your guide may take you back to port or your hotel. 


Everyday, 365 day in a year.


During your walking tour a professional guide will be leading you.


Tipping for the guide is apprx. 15-20% of total fee.

No Hotel & Tansportation Services

Accomodation or transportation services aren't included.

no Tickets & Food & Beverages

Museums and transportation tickets, food service and personal expenses aren't included in the fee.

Meeting point

Your Hotel, port, oldtown

Ending Point

Your Hotel, Port, Oldtown​

We’ll be walking around historical peninsula without entering the museums. Please inform us earlier whether you’d like to extend duration and visit the museums, too (tour fee increases).

Please Note:

1- During Religious Eids and National Holidays, All Bazaars are closed. 

2- Museums are closed on different days of the week.

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It’s a walking tour, we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes. 

Try some street food along the walking route.

Do not cancel without informing your guide. Canceling 24 hours earlier in any situation is fair enough.


Professional guide is a well educated, licenced, and experienced person who works full time in tourism sector. Licenced guides fee is decided by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture.

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.