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Myths of Istanbul

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Tour Type: Private, Walking
Duration: 2 Hours or More

Every district of Istanbul reflects history. Each neighborhood has a different story and a different past. In fact,  many districts take their names from known or mysterious events. Istanbul is a city with 8,500 years of history. It’s hosted 3 massive Empires and millions of people in thousands of years thus witnessed so many stories, legends and facts.  In this tour, Myths of Istanbul, we will talk about those people, their beliefs, traditions, legends that have left their marks on the city…

Some stories make people laugh, some get them sad, some even horrified. If you wanna have a different day with lots of stories on most mysterious spots of ancient Constantinople (today’s Istanbul) this is the right choice. 

In the heart of the city, we will follow the remains of the most iconic and legendary traces ancient people left behind and present people still keep believing. From snakes to glazes of Medusa and Arc of Covenant, sunk islands and ezoterist shrinks, underground tunnels to dungeons and many more to be told.

If you’re after some extraordinary time in my city you must skip the common tourist route and join me! 


Everyday, 365 day in a year.


During your walking tour professional guide will be leading you.


Tipping for the staff is appx. 15-20% of total fee.

No Hotel & Tansportation Services

Accomodation or transportation services aren't included.

no Tickets & Food & Beverages

Museums and transportation tickets, food service and personal expenses aren't included in the fee.

Meeting point

Your Hotel, port, oldtown - if your hotel is not in the city center you should come to meeting point by yourself.

Ending point

Your hotel, port, oldtown - if your hotel is not in the city center you should return to your hotel by yourself.

Please Note:

1- No ticket is included in tour fee. Guests may decide to buy and go into the museums or just skip after every story. 

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Myths Of Istanbul

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It’s a walking tour so we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes. 

Try some street food along the walking route.

Do not cancel without informing your guide. Canceling 24 hours earlier in any situation is fair enough.


Professional guide is a well educated, licenced, and experienced person who works full time in tourism sector. Licenced guides fee is decided by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Culture.

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.