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Blue Silk Turkish Carpet Rose the Guide
Blue Silk Carpet Photo credit: kaymakcarpets.com

Turkish carpets has a very good reputation all around the world.
Have you ever thought why ?

Width, price, colors, motiff, design, pattern, material, type, region, dowry, technique, handmade? - How is it made ? All these are important to consider for fantastic Turkish carpets.


First you should probably measure before you come to Turkey. That would be ideal. But do you want a  Turkish carpet that just going to fit under your coffee table or you want to fill a room? Maybe for a corridor? Will you hang it on your wall? You put it somewhere, right? So you need to know how big it needs to be.

Kaplumbaga-terbiyecisi Carpet Rose the Guide
Osman Hamdi Bey Tortoise Trainer Carpet Photo credit: cinarhali.com.tr

Price for Turkish carpets

Second, of course is price, most people are going to really care only about this. I would say just be ready, carpets are works of art. They are not super cheap.
$1,000 $2,000 $10,000 $50,000. You’ll find carpets at all these different prices, but as cheap as $100 carpet you’re probably not going to find. There is impossible to talk about, any kind of quality, easy to laugh! Since older it is, the more valuable it is, that’s basic. 

holbein turkish carpets travel turkey rose the guide
Turkish Holbein Carpet Examples from Germany: Somerset House Conference photo credit: turkcewiki.org


Colors are natural,vegetable dyes which will determine how it’s going to age and what it would look like in 10, 20, 30, 50 years. Also it will, of course, determine the price. Original color is safe, nature of color is very important. When you wash it chemical dye colors will fade but vegetable colors will always be strong enough, even 200 years later is going to remain the same as colors and same tones.

Last Supper Carpet Rose the Guide
Last Supper Carpet photo credit: cinarhali.com.tr
Announcement at the well carpet Rose the Guide
Annunciation at the well Carpet photo credit: ciarhali.com.tr

Motif, design, pattern

Is it geometrical or floral pattern? How many different colors are being used?

Does it have individual characters or shapes which probably have meanings?

anatolian turkish carpet ming travel turkey rose the guide
photo credit: cinarhali.com.tr photo credit: turkotek.com

The materials we, use there’s wool, there’s cotton, there is silk. Wool on Wool , Wool on cotton, silk on silk, silk on cotton. These are most common categories. Silk is most valuable, world’s most popular. Silk carpets are often called Flying carpets possibly due to the fact that they’re very light and easy. You can put it even into your handbag. Some of the most valuable Turkish silk carpets are hand selected antiques.

Turkish carpets' materials

Kilim, cicim, hali, sumak, koçan? All these are types you have to learn about before you decide. The wool is bound with a unique Gördes/gordion double knot. The same knot found in the oldest existing pile carpet. Second type of Turkish carpet is known as kilim, its wool on wool material and with vegetable colors. The kilims are created by interweaving the strands rather than tying knots as they do with pile carpets. Well, technique appears delicate. They’re actually extremely durable. So don’t be afraid to walk on them, even the most expensive ones.

turkish carpet loom travel turkey rose the guide
photo credit: narodni.net


This is another important feature. Is it handmade, sometimes it’s hard to tell? traditional woven carpets are all made by hand. One hint to help you understand is look at the corners. If their corners are exactly perfectly all the same it probably is not handmade. Handmade they’ll have some mistakes, some defects. This is a good thing because it proves it is handmade and that adds value to the carpet interestingly enough.

local_silkworm_cocoon_travel turkey rose the guide
Silkworm cocoon harvesting / photo credit: menafn.com

How is a Turkish carpet made?

I’d like to explain how everything starts for Turkish carpets, which is basically a little cocoon. And as you probably said, the color of the Cocoon is white so our natural color of silk is white, too. However, in some other countries you can get a sort of gold color. To get this point, we need approximately 45 days. And mulberry trees is what we need to have for those little worms to eat the leaves, grow in 35 to 40 days and up to 9 centimeters. In ten more days. We’re going to have the Cocoon ready. Unfortunately, to get sealed we keep that worm inside with hot steam shot. We don’t kill them all. Otherwise, we have no one coming after. It’s usually 60 to 40 percent of them. By the time you’re done with this now comes the moment where we get the thread from.

carpet yard silk worm cocoon travel turkey rose the guide

Antique ways still applied in Turkey

I don’t know if you’ve read about or if you’ve seen it. That’s why it’s based on the Chinese way of doing it. Queen of China was having a tea under a mulberry tree and these little threads fell in a cup of her tea. In a few minutes wet threads started to unravel in this way Chinese discovered that boiling water was the secret to get threats from there since those days. But we still need to add some motion to get them. So that’s the wooden we will spin a short while to grab those threads. We need a very simple tool, which is a brush. 

People generally ask me, “Where’s the machine?” Yes, there is a machine but for textiles, not on carpets. Because every carpet has its own density, so every carpet has its own time.
it will have its own thickness on that particular matter.

Deisis Judgement Day Carpet Rose the Guide
Deisis- Judgement Day Carpet / photo credit: cinarhali.com.tr

Some of cocoon can be up to sometimes 10 times thinner than a human hair. And if you ask me to get one kilogram of raw silk, I will need to find 6,000 of them. This is how hard it is. And here’s the motion comes we will unseal them by attaching all those threats to the yarn. If we speed the wheel, the cocoons will be jumping around in the jar and all of those become one thread.

How long we’re going to do this every day?

If you want to weave a silk carpet, you have to do this at least five hours every day. So it takes a lot of dedication, time, expert eyes and good concentration.

Noahs Ark Carpet Rose the Guide
Noah's Ark Carpet / photo credit: cinarhali.com.tr


Technique that we chose to use as a country for over 2,000 years called double or gordian knotting technique.

All of our handmade carpets are done like that by using two vertical threads instead of one.

Regions of basic Turkish carpets come from

The carpets of each have distinct motifs and colors and many dates back to the earliest days of the Ottoman Empire. There are main towns such as Hereke, which is also a brand name, Ladik, Uşak, e.g.


This is impressive and intriguing! Every girl makes her own Dowry carpet before she marries.

Do you know how we find these dowry pieces?

Antique dealers travel to the villages in wintertime all over Turkey. They especially go to the mountains and knock on the doors to ask ladies of their dowry.

Determining the quality of a Turkish carpet is difficult but there are a few key elements to consider such as material, handwork , dies, the origin of the carpet and undeniably major, of course, is the number of knots which you can be seen on the underside of the carpet.

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