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Did you know there are more than 30 flavors of Turkish delight today?

Let’s have some Turkish delight.

I’m going to take you on a sweet Journey.

Here in Turkey it’s called locum, the word itself derived from the Ottoman language. Meaning the Soother of the throat. Turkish delight was invented here in Istanbul by Hacı Bekir during the 18th century. And this delicious dessert quickly became the Sultan’s favorite and it didn’t take long for Locum fever to spread across the entire Ottoman Empire.

Next it was Europe’s trying to catch on. they gave Locum its global name the Turkish delight.

Photo credit: ischta.com

So what is Turkish delight?

It’s a type of jelly candy that soft chewy and definitely yummy. It’s main ingredients are really simple; sugar water starch and let me put out of this simplicity comes a whole range of variety in Turkey. You can find so many different local flavors. Some people like original flavors such as rose, pomegranade others prefer complex taste like fig or mastic, it could even be coated in powdered sugar or shredded coconut and it might have pistachios and walnut side.

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So what’s my personal favorite?

It’s the double roasted chocolate covered one.
These are perfect companion to a cup of dark Turkish coffee. Discover all this and more in Turkey, home of Turkish delight.

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