Turkish Engagement Ceremony

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Turkish Engagement Ceremony

Engagement is the ceremony, happening after promise-exchange and before wedding, it’s a start point of new couple’s way to marriage.

Engagement is the ceremony which happens right after promise-exchange and before the wedding,. It is a start point for a new couple’s way to marry and generally held by bride’s side. Core of the ceremony is putting rings on the couple’s fingers by the most respected elder of families, meanwhile groom’s close relatives and family must give some jewelry to the bride. Householder must serve excellent quality food for their guests. Men and women sit in separated room in some parts of Anatolia where traditional values are to prevail. Big city people have mostly left this pointless act of separating genders. Instead, they start a recent tradition of celebration in enormous halls in which they can play loud music, drink and dance. Party time!

Time period between engagement and wedding has no rules, but over 6 months is too long. It’s decided by the couple or their parents if it will be arranged for marriage. Miltary service(before completing their service in military men may not be permitted to marry), school, expatriate and illness or death may be reasons to extend or shorten the time. Big city people let new couple enjoy their relationship, get to know each other. Whereas in rural areas this change into a big distriction. Usually the couple can’t go out alone without parents’ permission or someone from the family needs to accompany them meanwhile.

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