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Turkish Military service is as important as circumcision for the Turkish.


12 months for high school or below graduated, 6 months for university graduated, 21 days for university graduated and prepaid individuals.

Every single male citizen is obliged to join the army for a duration of time up to their education as I have noted above.

“You can not get married before military service is completed”

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This phrase shows how important is a military service in Turkey. Turkish people are very patriotic In addition, we care a lot about our land, independence, flag and army. Nevertheless, here we have another state of mind. Military service is a sort of bridge from adolescence to manhood. Levels of manhood begins with circumcision and military is the second step after all.

Laws about military Service

(1) Every man who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey is obliged to do military service.

(2) Military service is performed as a reserve officer, reserve non-commissioned officer, soldier and soldier in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

(3) Ascending operations are carried out by the Ministry of Defence.

(4) In the event of a war or a situation requiring war, the principles of the recruitment of the obligations subject to this Law to perform military service shall be determined by the President.

They receive the call from Military of Defence at the age of 20. In fact, this is the most honorable mission they will complete. They should prepare for departure in 15 days. Along the days they inform people about deadline and the day new soldier is about to leave family, relatives, neighbors and friends come together to bid farewell without doubt.

There comprise a parade of preacher in front, elders behind him and youngsters the last. Inexperienced soldier kisses elders’ hands, and they throw some coins in his pocket to bring some luck. They also give some pocket money, some prayers. People sing songs for him.

Family members shouldn’t cry at this moment. It’s more of an honorable moment than emotional.

None of this they can practice for prepaid military service.

It’s kinda lame. Very lame!

He has completed the service, it’s time to turn back home. Family feasts together. First day of reunion he brings some henna, for elders of family can put this henna on his little finger to prove his manhood. Long live outstanding soldier!! He is a complete man now. To sum up family passes to next level. Guess what ?

Of course, marriage!

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