Uchisar Town and Castle, Cappadocia

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Uchisar Town Wishing Tree

Uchisar Town

Colors are natural,vegetable dyes which will determine how it’s going to age and what it would look like in 10, 20, 30, 50 years. AaThe town of Uchisar is on the left-hand side of the Nevşehir Urgüp road, 8 km from Nevşehir and 12 km from Urgüp. It is one of the more popular destinations for travellers. The houses were first built around the castle but because of the increasing population and erosion, in time, habitation moved towards the lower parts of the valley, leaving the citadel in the middle of the town.

Uchisar Castle

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Citadel has a large cave inside and the three different tunnels leading to it meet in a spacious room. One of the tunnels has a millstone door and a room for the guards behind it. There are also three rooms and some storage depots along with other tunnels. However, some of these have collapsed and are filled with stones and soil.

From the top of the citadel, the view of the entire Göreme valley is outstanding and makes this place popular for keen photographers.

The town’s people have started opening their houses as pensions to the travellers and these pensions are very much liked by the tourists as they get the breathtaking view of the Göreme valley from the garden or through the window of their rooms.

What to do in Uchisar

1. Visit Uchisar Castle I’ve mentioned above and watch the valley around the castle.  It’s the perfect photo spot. If you walk around the castle ticket office you can reach to some tiny local tea shops, stop for a while and take some Turkish coffee or tea with fantastic view of all town up to Göreme.

2. Pigeon Valley is very close to castle by location. There you can also see the best view of Uchisar Castle. Hiking in long valley is another interest for travelers.

3. Kocabag, one of the biggest local wine brand and house is located in Uchisar town. Wine tasting is the most delicious leisure time activity. 

photo: myhouseidea.com

4. Tigraz Castle is the second biggest castle of Uçhisar. It used to be an underground shelter, established on a slope that goes down to the ground of Pigeon Valley. It was built as 7 floors down the slope to inspire today’s architecture. There are rooms used for living space, cellars, tunnels and warehouses that form the veins of Cappadocia. For those who are wondering, “How to build an underground shelter on the hillside?” it is the answer. 


5. Göreme Open Air Museum is a must visit in Cappadocia. Göreme is only 8 mins away from Uchisar. 

6. Stay in Cave Hotels. Uchisar town has perfect location for cave hotels and the view. Moreover you can enjoy breathtaking hot air balloons flying over the valley from your hotel in the morning.

Best Cave Hotels in Uchisar


Argos in Cappadocia

No.1 in Top 10 Cappadocia Hotels.
The boutique hotel, which is a 1000 years old monastery in Uchisar, consists of underground tunnels and mansions connected to each other built by the hands of people who once lived here. Some of the rooms even have their own tiny pools. In addition, very beautiful concerts are held in the 1500 years old Bezirhane section of the hotel, which has a wonderful acoustics. Even the famous festival of Cappadocia, Cappadox, uses this place as a festival venue. And hotel's restaurant "Seki" is one of the best in area.


CCR Hotel & SPA

CCR is the N.2 in Top 10 Cappadocia Hotels.
Luxury. Hotel's view over Pigeon Valley. is magnificent. Spa facility o hotel is one of the best in area and it has a cozy restaurant serving Turkish, Japanese, Chineese and Indian cuisine.

museum hotel rose the guide

Museum Hotel

Ooh la la! This exquisitely decorated boutique hotel is one of Cappadocia’s best, featuring 26 luxe rooms and truly magnificent common areas. Standard rooms come complete with brass beds, rich rugs and attractive textiles, and the opulent suites (some in caves) have to be seen to be believed. The mosaic-adorned infinity pool, stylish restaurant and panoramic rooftop terrace are equally impressive. In all, this is an exceptionally fine hotel that charges reasonable prices for its standard rooms and offers true luxury to those who can afford one of the suites.


Taskonaklar Hotel Cappadocia

N.4 in Top 10 Cappadocia Hotels.
The best feature of this hotel is the jakuzzi tubs with Pigeon Valley view. It is one of the cozy hotels in area with its location, service and facilities.

Les Maisons de Cappadoce​

Les Maisons de Cappadoce

When French architect Jacques Avizou opened his first two rental villas 14 years ago, he had no inkling that they would be the first in an empire that now numbers 12 and is still expanding. There’s no secret as to why Les Maisons de Cappadoce is so successful: it offers stylish and supremely comfortable accommodation that allows maximum independence and privacy while still offering services such as daily cleaning and breakfast. Four of the properties are studios perfect for a romantic getaway, the others are well-equipped houses that can a ccommodate up to seven people. The reception is in an office in the main square.

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