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Urgup Town, Cappadocia

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At an altitude of 1800 m, the town of Urgup is on the Kayseri road, 20 km from Nevsehir and 7 km from Göreme. The town, first founded around the hill of Temenni was called Osiana in some old maps. From all aspects Urgup is one of the richest towns in the province of Nevşehir. It was Urgüp that promoted Nevşehir area to the world with its historical heritage and natural beauty. In the town there are some remains from the Seljuks and the Ottomans, including an inn Turkish baths, fountain, mosque and library. Hill of Temenni is the highest point of the town.

The carved rocks bearing the character of the entire Cappadocia region and the stone house mansions built on these rocks are quite many in the center of Urgup. It is worth walking on the streets of Urgup to see the workmanship of these stone houses. In the meantime, let me remind you that Urgup is the most active and crowded district of Cappadocia in terms of nightlife. Restaurants, wine houses and rock-carved bars suitable for every taste are flooded by tourists, especially in spring seasons.Especially for tourists, the nightlife, many restaurants, rock-carved small bars and wine houses, and the work of rock-carving and stone-houses are fascinating.

Where to go in Urgup?

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Tree Beauties or Twin sisters

In the first of the most photographed places in Cappadocia, which is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites, the Three Beauties Fairy Chimneys take place. 2 million tourists visit this area every year. Moreover there are Three Beauties in the background in the albums of all tourists, engaged or married couples.

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Turasan Wine Factory in Urgup

Turasan is one of the oldest wine producers of Cappadocia and the brand has some special wines that you should try. It’s very close to Urgup center.

red valley rose the guide cappadocia
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Spectacular valley is 5 km to Urgup. Red Valley is the best point to watch sunset in Cappadocia. Because Cappadocia consist of centers very close to one another you can also step into the valley from Ortahisar which is only 2 km away.

The valley got this name because of the rare red tuff rock formations in the Cappadocia region. Especially during sunset all valley is painted in red.

If you want to see this valley, which creates a colorful revel, my advice is to take your mat and wine 2 hours before sunset. You will reach Çavuşin 1.5 hours later on the track where you will walk with the sounds of birds and the flapping of pigeons.

At the very beginning of Red Valley, Uzumlu Church is devoted to St. Nichitas.

Gomeda – Uzengi Valley [photography, trekking, sunset,sunrise]

6 km valley is a combination of Gomeda and Uzengi valleys between Ortahisar and Urgup. It’s one of the rare untrodden valleys in Cappadocia. Gomeda is one of the most enjoyable places Urgup where you will see plenty of churches and multi-storey dovecotes. Alakara and Saint Basilios Churches some visit points in valley.


Rose Valley [photography, trekking, sunset,sunrise]

Between Urgup and Avanos, Rose Valley is another hiking point you should not skip. While walking the valley you associate fairy chimneys to rabbits, camels and you’ll remember the valley within your imagination.

You can read my article about Rose and Red Valleys here.

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Temenni Hill [photography, trekking, sunset,sunrise]

Peak of the town, Temenni hill has the best view of the town. In a clear day it’s even possible to see Erciyes Mountain. Saint Georgios Church and Seljuk tombs are located on top of hill.

Monasteries of Urgup

Hallaç Monastery, 11th century. Hallaç Monastery is a hospital monastery where priests prepare and treat medicines for the local people.

Balkan Churches

This is churches colony of 4 connected rock carved buildings.Later a small chapel was added to them.

Keslik Monastery

There are two churches carved into the rocks, holy water spring, monk cells, chapels, cafeteria, meeting hall, kitchen in this monastery.

Archangelos Church is most interesting one in monastery. It takes its name from the Gabriel fresco inside the church. Because of black stains on walls inside the church its also known as Black Church. Stefanos Church, St. Theodore Church, Sebasteian Church are the other churches in the area.

Mazı Underground City

There are 36 discovered underground cities in Cappadocia. Mazi is one of them. It has 8 floors and it is 18 km to Urgup center.

You can read my article about underground cities here.

Best Hotels of Urgup


Kayakapı Premium Caves

No.1 of Top 25 Luxury Hotel in Turkey 2018 List according to Tripadvisor voters. Hotel is very close to Göreme Open Air Museum and it is the first boutique hotel of Cappadocia.


MDC Cave Hotel

Every room of MDC Hotel is uniqueand they are carefully furnished to spoil their guests with valuable antiques suitable for the nature of Cappadocia, original woodworks and extraordinary atmosphere where stone work is synthesized.


Dere Suites Cappadocia

No.4 of Top 25 Luxury Hotel in Turkey 2018 List according to Tripadvisor voters. Restaurant of this hotel is more than perfect. It's a pleasure to sip your wine next to the fire place in hotel terrace.


Best Western Premier Cappadocia

Centrally located in the heart of Cappadocia, this boutique cave hotel provides classy accommodation and professional service in an attractive and unexpected cave hotel contex.


Yunak Cave Hotel

Hotel has many different quality rooms. Service and restaurant is pretty good. Terrace has very good view and its location is very close to town center.

seraphim cave-urgup-cappadocia

Seraphim Cave Hotel

Facilities of this hotel is fantastic. The restaurant and food quality is top. Its location is another advantage.

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