Wedding photo in fairy land of Cappadocia

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Wedding photo in fairyland of Cappadocia

cappadocia wedding
photo: Serhat Serkan Guzelsoy

Would you like to have your wedding photo in the fairytale land of Cappadocia? This is a magical city full of love and fantastic backgrounds. A unique view emerges as the sun rises in Cappadocia. Balloons floating in the sky, shiny sun lights are waiting for the couples to become the wonderful backdrop. Its the best time for terrific photos.

cappadocia wedding 5
photo: Sukran Uysal

With some accessories like retro cars added to the wedding photo frames, you will deinetely have an unforgettable and remarkable photo album. You may also want to include horses which are symbol of the nobility and beauty in the photos. The most attractive pose of the photo shoot is that the groom and the bride are standing next to the horses, posing with an epic view behind them.

cappadocia couple turkish wedding ceremony

Photo shootings in Cappadocia regardless of summer and winter is amazing. Fairy chimneys covered with snow in winter is another beauty.

cappadocia wedding photo 4
photo: Serhat Serkan Guzelsoy

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