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What is Sema? Why do dervishes whirl?

Inspired of Mevlana, Sema, what whirling dervishes practise, is the most mystical meditation of spiritual practice. It’s said that Mevlana learnt from Sems Tabriz. It’s Mevlevi dervishes dhikr ritual in deeper understanding with instruments like Ney (kind of flute) played, two arms open in two directions, right palm seeing sky and left palm seeing earth.  it’s the ritual of receiving from god and meting out to people. The music here is an helping tool for meditation. Sama has visible and invisible features. First step is reading Masnawi, second is praying and last step is dhikr. Even it seems like a touristic show sometimes it actually is hundreds years practiced, a living ritual. I’d be glad if I’ll have helped you to understand this deep meditation better when you finally get to see it live. 

Sema is nutrition of hearts burning with will of unity with God. It’s the journey to your beloved. 

It’s circularity symbolizes the universe. Crosswise posture of arms in beginning is position of Niyaz. Taking off black cardigan, crosswise hands hold shoulders. This symbolizes first letter of Arabic alphabet Elif which means number 1 : “I witness the existence of God with all my being.”

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Right-Hand side is visible and known as material world and left-hand side is the world of meaning.

Primary condition of existence is basically whirling. It represents a round trip. Electrons turn around the core with  1000 to 100.000 km speed. Electron that do not differ in mass, have different energy stages and they rotate in different orbits. This speedy and infinite rotation is the matter of everything that exists. Everything in universe depends on this movement. Stars, planets, blood in our veins, life on earth whirl in a harmony.

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How dervish's head won’t spin?

Semazens tilt their heads 20-25 degrees left during meditation. This neutralizes the effect on the inner ear and head won’t spin. Therewithal they have full eye focus on their left thumb and ignore whole world and have a misty gaze.

Whirling dervishes meditation has 4 stages:

Understanding of a person’s servitude
Adoration to God’s magnitude
Admiration’s transform into love
Transfiguration of servitude

Even in perfection, servanthood shall not be abandoned. Service is the biggest order. Those who know and who don’t are not one equal.

Back to Earth: 4th salutation is ingenuity stage, following some prayers from holy Quran dervish takes his cardigan on again and remembers about material realm. 

After each salutation dervishes group up by 2, 3 and 4. This is for solidarity, solitude is only for creator. Man is in need of each other.

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