What to do in Cappadocia?

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What to do in Cappadocia?

If you want to have a different vacation, you are the type not fitting in sky, both your eyes and heart will be full in the moments you’ll have in Cappadocia. There are numerious things to do actually impossible to list all of them. But here you can find what to do in Cappadocia list where you see top 10 must-do things. There are two very common tours to cover many of the destionations in Cappadocia easily. Blue Tour and Red Tour are good options to explore multiple destionations easier and faster with a professional guide and trasportation. 

Cappadocia is such a miraculous land which you can not find anywhere else on Earth! Besides from fairy chimneys which amaze everyone, unexplained secrets of underground cities, castles, churches, religious frecoes and even the color of sky you will remember like “it was different”. Here is the list of what to do in Cappadocia.

1. Visit historical sites of Cappadocia

Uçhisar rose the guide cappadocia

In every corner of Cappadocia like Urgup, Avanos, Göreme you will find different structures and traces that different civilisations left with their stories. History of Cappadocia dates back from ancient Hitites to first Christians, Seljuks and Ottomans. First churches that christians carved in secret parts of marvellous valleys, madrasahs which are fantastic examples of Seljuk Turks stone work, houses carved in fairy chimneys, pigeon houses carved for delicious Cappadocia wine and mysterious stories of Cappadocia will take you to time travel.

What to do in Cappadocia List must start with Göreme Open Air Museum, revel of frescoes, secret paradises like Ihlara valley, beautiful castles such as Uchisar Castle. You should also include History and Art Museum of Cappadocia, Cappadocia Etnography Museum and one of the weirdest museums, Avanos Hair Museum which is chosen as one of The Most Interesting 15 Museums In The World.

2. Move down deeper in Underground Cities

Visiting underground cities will be one of the most interesting activities. What can be down there under the ground? As mysterious as Egyptian Pyramids, Underground citis are perfect examples of an excellent engineering intelligence. We still don’t know how deep were some underground cities with brilliant air shafts where thousands of people and animals can breathe without going out for a long time. Entries are closed with huge millstones, against who or what we do not yet, and the protection measures are astonishing.

There are 36 underground cities discovered so far. And biggest ones are from 3000 BC Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu Underground Cities. Some other examples are Ozkonak, Tatlarin, Mazi, Ozluce, Gaziemir Underground cities.

3. Hiking among the fairy chimneys in magical valleys.

If you are one of those who love trekking, enjoy bird chirping and walking among fruit-laden trees; let’s not forget the most enjoyable walks in what to do in Cappadocia list. Flora changes color with every season here. The leaves turned red in autumn are replaced by a lush nature in spring. I should add that you’ll have never seen more charming flora in winter than Cappadocia.

Discovered by most of the travellers, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley which comes to mind when it comes to sunset, climax of romantism Love Valley, forest of fairy chimneys Zelve and Pasabaglari are worth seeing for sure. Moreover undiscovered valleys such as Gomeda is waiting for you.

cappadocia rose the guide
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In Cappadocia, passing through the clouds, seeing the valleys gliding through the fairy chimneys below, fluctuating according to the pleasure of the wind and landing wherever the wind takes you will be one of the most free moments of your life. Maybe for a proposal or a honeymoon gift… To witness the best sunrise you wake up very early in the morning but it will be one of the best mornings of your life.

Here you can read more about hot air balloon ride details, prices and reservations.

5. Make pottery, let your hands work

In the center of Avanos you’ll see many pottery workshops and masterpieces created by vert talented hands. There you can sit on ancient kick wheel and shape the clay by your imagination. Pottery making is also advised by therapists today. Creating something with your hands will make you feel relieved even it isn’t looking super good. You may visit Güray Pottery Museum to see once again how the soil from Kızılırmak has created an artistic society. Put your hands in mud and let us see your artistic side.

6. ATV safari & horse riding

horse ride cappadocia rose the guide

There is no need for a driver license to ride ATVs. You can rent them for full day or for few hours. And you don’t need to be an experienced jokey to ride a horse. You’ll be very well instructed in horse farms and after a small lesson you are good to go. Moreover they are tame horses that know how to do their jobs. It would not be a lie if I say that the full moon safari is more saturated by riding a horse.

Here you can make ATV reservation  and horse riding reservation. 

7. Taste delicious local food

There are a few special presentations that we must try. Especially pottery kebab cooking and presentation is unique to Cappadocia. Kebab is cooked in pot in high degrees and the pot is broken on your table right after it is off the oven. Because it is cooked in a longer time, meat and vegtables taste so much better. You may also try some other local and undiscovered tastes like stuffed quince, divil, kömbe and sizgit.

Here are the best restaurants with delicious food and magical views in Cappadocia.

8. Taste famous wines of Cappadocia

Cappadocia is the center of wine making of central part of Turkey. The wine produced from Emir grapes has worldwide reputation. The vineyards planted since the Hittites owe the quality of their grapes to the tuffaceous soil of the region. Tuffa helps for a better quality grapes and saves them from bugs. It is also an advantage for carving an wine cellar. The cellars carved into the rocks add a quality maturity to the wine with constant temperatures in summer and winter. Urgup Turasan and Uchisar Kocabag Wine Stores are famous local wine producers of Cappadocia, where you can enjoy various local wines and buy your favorite.

Many of the tourists ar every interested in these night shows mostly performed in cave restaurants located in Avanos Göreme and Uchisar. You can have fun watching different dances from whirling dervishes, orientation, fasil to folklore in huge rock-carved underground restaurants. While having fun you can also taste delicious local food, beer, raki and wine in an unique atmosphere. Cave restaurants are usually very busy, it is best to make your reservation 24 hours earlier. Here you can reserve your seat for Turkish Night Show with dinner and drinks.

10. Stay in Cave Hotels

photo: urgupajans.com

If your expectation is for comfort in accommodation, you will wake up with a view overlooking the valleys in the local themed cave rooms in Uçhisar with the most luxurious hotels ranked in the world. If your budget is suitable for more modest accommodation, there are plenty of locally arranged stone houses in Cappadocia. You will experience both the traces of ancient life and the harmony of modernity together, and you will say ‘good morning’ to the most beautiful mornings in the world.

Check for Best Cave Hotels of Cappadocia..

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