Where to go in Cappadocia?

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Where to go in Cappadocia?

It’s impossible to explain Cappadocia with few words. It’s the fairytale land full of myserious history. We are living in a world of technology, long distances doesn’t mean much to us nowadays. So there comes the question of the era “where to go?”. If you’re ready to take a time travel, change your dimention your questions changes in to “where to go in Cappadocia?”

Vacation in Cappadocia is never just an ordinary vacation. Besides exploring a new land and culture it is also diving deep in history, enjoying a different flor, exciting surroundings and saving up unforgettable memories. At the end of your visit you’ll feel like coming back again.

Where to go in Cappadocia?

Like the Persians named it, Land of beautiful horses, Cappadocia was the area where strongest, prettiest horses roaming around.

The geography where the soft lava layer erupted from Erciyes, Güllü Mountain and Hasan Mountain was formed by the erosion of wind and rain for a long time, more precisely by the labor of nature.

If your vacation route will be in Cappadocia, take may take a look at ‘what to do in Cappadocia’ list.

If you don’t want to deal with all destinations one by one by yourself there are two very common tours to cover many of the destionations in Cappadocia easily. Blue Tour and Red Tour are good options to explore multiple destionations easier and faster with a professional guide and trasportation for reasonable prices. 

Göreme, which is one of the “Unesco World Heritage” in the Cappadocia region and connected to Nevsehir, or Korama with its first name known in history. Göreme is like the center of Cappadocia. If you consider staying here you can check the best cave hotels of Cappadocia here.

cappadocia göreme town open air museum churches rose the guide
photo: cumhuriyet.com.tr

It’s a the museum which will change your dimention right after you pass thru controls. Many churches, chapels and living spaces carved into the rocks will welcome you in this different world, where the monastery life began, and the missionary and retreat of Christians who fled from oppression began.

Monasteries for girls and boys, Apple Church, Snake Church, Church with Sandals, Dark Church, Buckle Church, Saint Barbara and Saint Basil Churches will dazzle your eyes with the vivid frescoes inside them. Göreme Open Air Museum is in Unesco World Heritage List since 1985.
Museum is open everyday between 09.00 – 17.00

pigeon-valley-cappadocia goreme rose the guide
photo: cappadocia4u.com

Pigeon Valley which starts from Uchisar and goes until Göreme for 4 km, takes its name from the pigeon holes carved to rocks in the valley. Local of Cappadocia used to feed the pigeons and use their fertilizers in the vineyards and their eggs in the plaster of the frescos. To see these pigeon holes and unique floral beauty around you got to hike in valley. Additionally there is a 15 m waterfall in the valley. You should add this amazing valley to your where to go in Cappadocia list if you like trekking and wonderful routes for photography.


You’ll see most beautiful and artistic fairy chimneys while hiking in this valley. There is many traces of monastery life and chuches in the valley. Ayvali Church is the most important historical heritage you’ll see during your hike among the vineyards and apricot trees.



4. Love Valley

photo: ankacavesuites.com

Love valley is the best for proposing or having most romantic moments with your beloved. Valley starts from Göreme – Uçhisar road and ends in Göreme – Avanos after 4.9 km. Love Valley is also one of the favorite locations of hot air balloons. Hiking here takes around 2.5 hours till the end. Fairy chimneys display a colorful and magical visual feast with their cute hats.

5. Zemi Valley

Zemi Valley starts from Göreme – Urgup road near Göreme open Air Museum and ends in Kermir Hill. It is total 5.6 km. Sarnıç, Görkündere, Saklı ve El Nazar Churches are also in this valley. Even it is one of the undiscovered and underrated valleys in Cappadocia it is another pleasure visiting the hidden.

6. Panorama points of Göreme where you can take amazing photos

After visiitng the ton itself you should additionally consider visiting panorama points to take wonderful photos and give a break in front of best vies of the town for a coffee. Especially during the sunset the valley is painted in red which is the best time to feast your eyes.

Located in the highest panoramic point of the region and 7 km from Nevşehir, the town is also a favorite of travelers who seek comfortable hotels hotels. Here you can see best hotels of uchisar. It is one of the oldest settlements that you should tick on the list of places to visit in Cappadocia, with its historical streets and castle, which you will love the stone houses.

8. Tignaz Castle

Second biggest castle of area Tignaz Castle is a historical monument worth seeing with its settlement from the slope to the underground.

9. Kocabağ and Turasan Wine Stores

Besides its historical and natural sites you should also visit local wine stores where the grapes from lcoal wineyards of Cappadocia transform to wine art. You definetely fine something fitting your taste.

10. Pasabag the Monks Valley

Pasabag is on Göreme – Avanos road 3.5 km to Avanos. Its the valley where you can watch interesting formations of capped fairy chimneys. The three-headed fairy chimney chapel in the middle of the valley is dedicated to St. Simeon. According to legend, St. Simeon lived in this chapel for 15 years in seclusion.

11. Camel Rock Valley(Imagination Valley)

photo: captivatingcappadocia.com

This valley is also known as imaginatiom valley. One edge of valley goes to Devrent when the other touches Red Valley. And Pasabag is in the middle of it. You may reach the valley in 10 mins from Göreme. Famous camel rock formation gives its name to the valley. Camel and some other animal shapes, Virgin Mary praying with her hands open, Baby Jesus and many more examples of human imagination are waiting here to be discovered.

13. Avanos Hair Museum

photo: turizmglobal.com

This museum may be the weirdest one you can ever visit. It is 500 m long cave with 16.000 pinch of women hair pinnd on walls. Founder of the museum is famous pottery master Chez Galip. Museum was selected as one of the most interesting 15 museums in 1998 and recorded in Guinness World Records. There you may get to listen the story of the museum from its founder maybe.

14. Avanos, visiting pottery workshops

photo: Chez Galip

Avanos is the town of pottery. There you can see how simple clay is unbelievably shaped by talented hands. You may also try it yourself. These pottery workshops are more like art centers. One of the biggest pottery workshop Güray is the first and only underground museum where you can watch the historical development of pottery in the region.

15. Twin Sisters or Three Beauties

photo: kapadokyadayim.com

This is the place where almost all the travellers have photos with 2 twin and 1 small fairy chimney family behind them. Twin Sisters are famous on postcards of Cappadocia, too. 2 milion visitors come here to see the twins every year.

Derinkuyu cave underground city, Cappadocia
photo: yoldasin.com

Derinkuyu is the biggest underground city in Cappadocia. Even it is much more bigger than this, cleaned and opened to visit portion of underground city is total 8 floors. How did they live in underground cities? How to survive there for long periods of time wthout going out and how they built it? Here you can find all the answers in my article about underground cities.

17. Ihlara Valley

What is the secret, deepest and most mysterious paradise of Cappadocia? Of course Ihlara Valley. First settlers came here around 4th century. Valley is a 120 m deep canyon. From 105 historical sites 14 is opne to visit in 6 km long valley. Melendiz Stream is accompanying you along your hike here after you step down 397 stairs down to reach the bottom.

Where to go in Cappadocia after sunset ?

18. Zelve

zelve open air museum rose theguide cappadcoia
photo: yoldasin.com

One of the biggest open air museums in Cappadocia, Zelve is 3 km to avanos and 1 km to Pasabag. As one of the most important religious centers for Christians Zelve has 15 churches inside especially from 9th and 13th centuries. Night light shows on chimneys in Zelve is another reason to revisit the museum after sunset.

History of Temenni hill dates back to 1288. Temenni Hill is the best spot to enjoy whole Urgup town.



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